Sep 14, 2018
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WordPress Website Design and Development Services

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WordPress Website Design and Development Services

Probably the most popular platform for website design and development, WordPress websites account for over 22% of the world’s websites.  Initially known as a blogging platform, WordPress today is a much more rigid content management system and can support almost any type of website requirement.

WordPress websites are perfect for companies that (a) have a very specific requirement; (b) need a fast turnaround and scalable website platform and (c) have limited complexity in terms of features and personalization of content

WordPress Designed and Developed Websites: An Overview


  • Websites can have either a custom design or pre-created template.
  • The website has little limitations from a technology, scalability and feature perspective.
  • WordPress is an open-sourced platform so there will be limited IP in terms of site infrastructure if any.
  • Estimated time requirements for design and development:  2-4 weeks.
  • Prices start at Rs 10,000 plus domain and hosting (if required).
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